Our products include wild caught shrimps crustaceans and finfish from the pristine waters of the Andaman sea. This includes a variety of shrimp species including sea tiger prawn, sea flower prown, sea white prawn and sea pink shrimp as well as finfish including Chinese threadfin, Spanish mackerel, red snapper, sliver Pomfret, Chinese pomfret and small mackerels. We also fishing source and process spanner crab soft shell crab and blue swimming crab. And squid, cuttle fish, poulp squid and baby octopus.

In addition to wild caught products from the Andaman Sea we also source and process a range of aquaculture products including soft shell crab black tiger and vannamei shrimp and sea grown sea pearch (barramundi fish).


Red Snapper(John's Snapper)
Emperor Snapper
Red Snapper(Malabar Red Snapper)
Gold Band Snapper
Golden Spotted Snapper
Sweet Lips Snapper (Lencham)
Helibut Fish
Hilsa Fish
Parrot Fish
Flower Grouper
Greasy Grouper
Yellow Spotted Grouper
Leather Jacket Whole Round
Spanish Mackerel
Itoyori@Japanese Threadfin Bream
Silago Fish
Horse Mackerel
Indian Mackerel
Big Eye Scad
Yellow Croaker
Yellow Tail Scad
Tongue Sole Fish
Silver Pomfret
Chinese Pomfret
Black Pomfret
Golden Snapper Fillet (Skin On & Skin Less)
Golden Snapper Fish Fillet (Skin Less)
Parrot Fish Fillet (Skin On & Skin Less)
Sting Ray Wings
Sting Ray Whole
Leather Jacket ( Head Less/Gutted/Skin Off)


Sea White HOSO
Sea White HLSO
Sea White PDTO
Sea White PPV Meat
Sea Tiger HOSO
Sea Tiger HLSO
Sea Flower HOSO
Sea Flower HLSO
Black Tiger HOSO
Bamboo Shrimp HLSO
Cooked Black Tiger HOSO
Vannamei Shrimp HOSO
Cooked Vannamei Shrimp HOSO
Fresh Water PrawnHOSO
Fresh Water Prawn HLSO
Fresh Water Prawn PUD Meat
Hard Shell Pink HOSO
Sand Pink HOSO
Cat Tiger HSO
Cat Tiger PUD
Hard Shell Pink ( Red )PUD
Hard Shell Pink ( Brown )PUD
Golden Pink PUD
Sand Pink PUD


Slipper Lobster
Rock Bamboo Lobster Tail
Soft Shell Crab
Blue Swimming Crab (Male)
Blue Swimming Crab (Female)
Cooked Blue Swimming Crab
Flower Crab
Spanner Crab
Cooked Spanner Crab ( Whole Round)
Blue Swimming Crag (HalfCut)
Cooked Spanner Crab ( Whole Cleaned )
Soft Shell Crab Whole Round
Soft Shell Crab Whole Cleaned
Rock Bamboo Lobster Whole

Shell Fishes

Moon Scallop Half Shell
Scallop Meat


Whole Cleaned Soft Shell Cuttlefish
Cuttlefish Fillet (Sashimi Grade)
Whole Cleand Cuttlefish
Whole Cleand Baby Cuttlefish
Squid Whole
Squid Whole Cleaned
Squid Ring
Squid Tentacle Cleaned
Squid Tube
Whole Round Baby Octopus